Best Aldi wines for summer [2024]

I tasted 98 wines at Aldi's Spring/Summer press tasting, here are my top wine recommendations to see you through summer

Best Aldi White Wines

Unearthed Custoza Biano £9.99 12%

The Unearthed range, is new at Aldi and has been bought about so that drinkers can discover some off-the-beaten-track wines at an affordable price. This one is from the small village of Custoza in Italy - just 12 miles south-west of Verona and features a blend of Trebbiano Toscano, Garganega and Trebbianello.

While you might not recognise these grape varieties by name, you might by taste. Trebbiano Toscano accounts for a third of all white wine production in Italy, while Garganega is the main grape in Soave and Trebbianello is the local name for Friulano.

A juicy, white peach and nectarine flavoured wine that'll transport you to Italy no matter where about in the world you are.

Specially Selected Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc £8.99 12%

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most popular wines in the UK. At the beginning of my wine career, when working for a wine retailer I remember there being so many Sauvignon options that it was difficult to keep track. Needless to say over the intervening years this has only increased and so when I go to tastings I am often uninspired by the Sauvignons available because I feel like a lot of them taste the same.

This one however peeked my interest as it has something a little more interesting going on, and I actually found it to be a somewhat reminiscent of a Riesling thanks to its zesty fresh acidity courtesy of the cool-climates of Adelaide Hills and Limestone Coast in the south of Australia.

Quintessential Sauvignon characteristics of lime and gooseberry come through, but this is a much more paired back version from the New Zealand style that you might be used to.

Specially Selected Picpoul de Pinet £8.49 12.5%

I feel like Picpoul was all the rage about a decade ago but has since been a little forgotten about. If you did enjoy Picpoul in that past wave then I urge you to give this a go and reignite your love for it, or if you're new to it then I would recommend this if you like zesty wines such as Sauvignon Blanc or Vinho Verde.

You'll always be able to pick out a bottle of Picpoul from the shelf thanks to its tradition tall, thin green bottles called Neptune - a nod to the appellation's location overlooking the salt water lagoon of the Bassin de Thau, in the Languedoc of Southern France.

This wine is citrusy, slightly salty and with a hint of savoury green herbs which perfectly compliments the local cuisine of oysters and mussel. A great seafood wine.

Specially Selected Austrian Gruner Veltliner £8.19 12.5%

Gruner Veltliner meaning green grape from the village of Veltlin (which is now in modern day Northern Italy), is Austria's flagship grape. Believed to date back to Roman times, it has a very interesting parentage story - with grape DNA researchers only finding out it's second parent in 2000 - when a single, last remaining 500-year old vine was stumbled upon in a overgrown pasture field.

This is another wine with a fluted bottle shape, however these ones stand out due to the striking red and white flag that adorns the top of the caps.

A slightly savoury wine with notes of green salad leaves, white pepper, green grapes and white peach - this was my favourite wine of the whole tasting.

Me holding a bottle of Aldi Gruner Veltliner at the Aldi wine press tasting.
Me with my favourite wine of the tasting. Please ignore the purple teeth - they get like that after tasting nearly 100 wines!

Specially Selected Coteaux de Beziers Viognier Grenache £8.49 13%

Beziers won't be the first place you think of when it comes to wine production, but tucked away along the coast of the Languedoc, it's in some good company.

The producers here have really worked with the regions climate and have planted Viognier and Grenache vines - both of which need ample warmth and sunlight. These two grapes also share a similarity in style with them both producing full-bodied white wines.

This has a gorgeous floral, blossom and ripe peach nose which might misled you to think this is a sweeter wine, but it's not. It's bone dry and ends with a slightly lime-y uplift which keeps it from being blousey.

Best Aldi Rose Wines

Specially Selected French Mediterranee Rose £6.99 12%

For those of you who choose wines by how they look - I urge you not overlook this bottle. In fact, I would ask you to appreciate that being in a lightweight plastic bottle makes it the most perfect picnic wine.

This dry wine is a blend of Caladoc (a crossing between Grenache and Malbec) and other typical southern french varieties.

Yummy red berries, melon and a touch of spice (think ginger) this is a tasty wine that has enough backbone to match with your picnic foods.

A plastic bottle of rose wine at the Aldi wine tasting.

Specially Selected Rosorange Rose £9.99 13%

This is a first for me -a rose and orange wine blend! I wasn't sure exactly what that was going to result in as I poured it, but I very much enjoyed the outcome.

A mix of Cinsault, Grenache noir & gris, Macabeu and Vermentino this wine has flavours of orange peel, strawberry and quince.

I think this would make a great food wine, as it has a bit of tannic grip and I could imagine it would go particularly well with Middle Eastern cuisine.

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Best Aldi Red Wines

Specially Selected Coteaux de Beziers Merlot Syrah £8.49 14%

Another win for Beziers with this easy to drink red blend. Predominately made of Merlot, which gives it its soft mouthfeel and plummy fruit flavours, it has been given a little shot in the arm with the addition of Syrah, which adds a little spice and depth to it.

Despite it weighing in at 14% the alcohol is well integrated and doesn't feel hot or give that burning sensation.

A smooth wine, that is a deep purple colour in the glass and finishes with a touch of chocolate and liquorice on the palate.

Specially Selected Toscana Rosso £7.99 14%

This wine has been all over social media with people asking whether it is a dupe for Tignanello; a famous super Tuscan which costs around £150 a bottle. Aldi have indeed played into this with the label being somewhat reminiscent of this Italian superstar.

Is it a dupe then? I hear you ask. Well....sort of. No matter how good the buying team may be, a wine costing 18 times less than another will never be the same (and I wouldn't expect it to be), but it is a good wine in its own right - and it does, you'll be pleased to learn, possess some of the same qualities as Tignanello.

They are both blends of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon, although the Aldi one also completes its trio off with Merlot while the Tig does so with Cabernet Franc. They also both share the same aroma notes of red cherries, mint and oak but that's where the similarities stop. Aldi's version is much simplier but at the price much, much more affordable.

A bottle of Aldi Toscana Rosso that I have selected as one of the best aldi wines for summer

Athlon Greek Xinomavro Syrah £9.99 13%

For those who want to be a bit more adventurous with their wine choices, this is an excellent way to start.

A great price point for Greek wines, which tend to be on the more expensive side, this is a blend of one of the most important Greek grapes, Xinomavro and Syrah. Xinomavro definitely a name to remember, with wine insiders regarding it to be the next Nebbiolo; responsible for the famous Barolo wines.

This is a savoury wine, with red fruits on the front palate evolving into herbs and spices with a lovely lick of tannin.

Best Aldi Sparkling Wines

Costellore, Sparkling Pinot Grigio Rose £6.49 11.5%

Always a slightly confusing quirk but when it comes to sparkling wines, seeing the words 'extra dry' does not mean that they are dry. In fact, dry doesn't mean they are dry either! Extra dry is however the more dry of the two labels, with these wines being what we would describe as 'off-dry' or slightly sweet. This is the usual level of sweetness that you will find in most Proseccos - to give you a reference point.

This Italian light-pink sparkling is a perfect Prosecco substitute if you are looking for something a little bit cheaper, and is made with a blend of Pinot Grigio rosato and other local grape varieties.

A soft, frothy wine with ripe white stone fruit flavours on both the nose and palate, with a hint of red fruit. This is a simple wine that isn't pretending to be anything else, but will make for a pleasant glass in the summer sun.

Castellore Organico, Organic Prosecco £7.19 11.5%

This is another extra-dry wine, as to be expected for a Prosecco, but the sweetness is very well integrated into the wine and so adds to the overall delightfulness of it, rather than sticking out and making it taste cloying.

If there was one word to describe this wine it would be fresh. Aromas of pear intermingle with notes of green grapes and the white flesh of a green apple.

A great Prosecco for the price, especially one that is organic.

All wines should be available in store 18th March, see Aldi's own website for more details

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